Employee Spotlight: Customer Coverage with Blythe Donovan

We love highlighting our MVP Insurance employees! Blythe Donovan, senior producer and sales team lead, has been with MVP for over three years and truly cares about serving our customers. Get to know Blythe, who embodies our values and mission!

Blythe Donovan started in insurance in April 2019 after meeting Brent through the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber Ambassador program. She was considering a job change and was open to wherever God led her, and as soon as she walked into MVP Insurance, she knew that MVP was her next step! Her favorite thing about insurance is getting to help people understand their coverage and protect them if they have a loss.

Blythe’s ideal client would be someone who sees the value in protecting their assets and wants to ensure that their home and auto policy is the best fit for their family. After a bad roof claim experience on her home with a captive company, she is passionate about ensuring people understand what their policy actually means.

Her favorite game around the office is “Let’s Compare Coverage!” She likes to compare her best quote against other companies and show the homeowner which option offers the Most Value Possible. If it’s not hers, she will even recommend sticking with a different company until we can beat it! So many people only focus on the price that seeing quotes side by side helps to show any holes in coverage that could end up costing a homeowner thousands of dollars if they have a claim.

In her free time, Blythe loves to read, paint, dance, write, and nap! She loves time with her family. Whether they are playing games, going for walks, or just talking, it’s always her happiest time. Her dream vacation would be someplace with mountains and her family, with no set plans and no cell service for a week!

Blythe has two kids: an 18-year-old daughter heading out of state for college this fall and a 14-year-old son starting high school. After being a single mom for 12 years, she recently remarried and is excited to be planning her future with her new husband (whom she met through MVP!) as they are getting close to moving into their new home.

Blythe says she will be grateful for the rest of her life that she found insurance as a career. It has changed the future for her children, allowed her to take care of people for a living, and helped connect her with tons of incredible new friends, both as referral partners and as clients.