Do you need gap insurance?

When you buy a new vehicle, whether a personal or commercial purchase, it loses a portion of its value the second your tires hit the street outside the dealership. 

But if you financed that purchase through a lender, you’re on the hook for the total price you paid for the car. If you change your mind and try to sell the car to someone else, the value will technically be less than what you paid. 

What are the advantages of living benefits?

Most people buy life insurance because they want to protect their family members from additional financial and emotional stress in the event of their passing. But did you know that your life insurance can help you take care of the costs associated with a terminal, chronic, or critical illness? 

Employee Spotlight: Customer Coverage with Blythe Donovan

We love highlighting our MVP Insurance employees! Blythe Donovan, senior producer and sales team lead, has been with MVP for over three years and truly cares about serving our customers. Get to know Blythe, who embodies our values and mission! Blythe Donovan started in insurance in April 2019 after meeting Brent through the Northwest Oklahoma …

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What exactly is inland marine insurance?

You’ve probably heard the term “marine.” You’ve probably heard the term inland.” But “inland marine” seems contradictory. There’s a reason for this unique name, and if you’re buying commercial insurance, there’s a possibility you might need an inland marine policy. Here’s what you need to know about this specialized insurance.

Common types of commercial insurance

If you’re looking for a commercial insurance policy, it’s easy to get confused. There are a dizzying number of types available, and you need to make sure you buy the right ones for your business needs. Never fear—we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through each one.

What factors go into calculating car insurance?

It can be frustrating shopping for insurance, especially if you don’t understand what goes into the cost of your premium. Most people ask, “Why am I paying this dollar amount for insurance?” at least once while looking for a good rate. So why are you paying that money for insurance? What factors go into calculating your personal car insurance rate? Let’s take a look.